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John Siino (Majestic) sounds more like Steve Perry than Steve Perry.
Gregg Rolie Journey
Majestic is one of my all-time favorite groups to work with. These experienced performers have repeatedly delivered the sound, the energy and the concert experience that only talented musicians can produce. If you haven’t experienced Majestic, you are missing out on one “Great Journey!”
Rick Pickering CEO of California State Fair
Truly amazing. Majestic has a way of putting the crowd under their spell. The guys were just having so much fun with each other and with the fans. Greg, was pounding his keyboards, and sliding his keys. Greg was gracious as always, playing, smiling, and pointing high to the crowd. Myron was amazing and full of energy. As always, Myron is quite the showman, with all his striking moves, and talent. As John introduced “Don, The Rocket ” for a drum solo, the fans already are chanting his name over and over. Then the beats pound your chest, as Don pounds, and pounds away. By now, your arms feel the burn of his inspiring solo. Chris Jackson, a popular DJ from KFOX radio, helped John sing the Na, Na, Na’s. I invite you to join Majestic at a show near you.
Jenny Santa Clara, CA
I just want to say that I was one of the fans that was up front the whole time you guys were on stage and I also had the pleasure of shaking Greg Rollie’s hand at least 5 times. What a dream come true for us the Journey fans. You guys are awesome and YOU DO sound just like Steve Perry. You and your band is a great tribute to Journey and we will be your fans forever. Thank you again for an awesome show and we love you guys!
Danee Redwood City, CA
This is a truly awesome band!

Close your eyes… and Journey is who you hear, open them and they are not Journey but the closest band you will hear to them!!! We were turned on to the band by a woman who knew of this band and knew we liked Journey Music. Since that day (2.5 years ago) we have become very good friends with the band and they make a point to talk to us every time we see them play which is every chance we can get. They have played “Cache Creek” twice, played at a BIG casino in Las Vegas and all the time at Slims in SF and the Little Fox in San Mateo. I am even working on getting them to play in Vacaville. Fingers crossed! If you ever get the chance, go see them! You will not be disappointed!!!

Matt & Laura Vacaville, CA
I just wanted to give props to Majestic, the Journey tribute band from the Bay Area. I was at there show at the Avalon this weekend and I was blown away from this band. I was up front in the crowd and got into every song. John, the lead vocalist, belted songs from the heart reminded me of the old days at a Journey show. Jerrol, what can I say, you rocked the house down with every soulful rift of that guitar. Myron with that bass… wow! Randy Jackson eat your heart out. Greg on keyboards… Separate Ways Rocked, was Jonathan in the house? Don on drums you are a funny man and the driving force of the band… nice job. If anyone is in the Bay Area and you need your Journey fix, I recommend seeing Majestic, San Francisco’s Ultimate Tribute to Journey. Nice job guys.
David Santa Clara, CA
San Francisco’s Ultimate Tribute to Journey, Majestic is a great Journey Tribute Band!

I go and see the band when I can. Wish I was able to go to the Novato Festival. I like the photo in the Article… it’s one of my favorites I took at the Kihncert in 2007. Looking forward to see Majestic at this year’s Kihncert.

Roni Hayward, CA
I just saw the band Majestic at Golden Gate Park June on 11th as I was riding my bike. I looked through the fence (it was a private event) and could not believe my eyes! I would have bet my house payment that it was the real Journey playing. Everyone was talking, Is that Steve Perry?

That band was amazing. I came went back later and saw them play for an hour. They were truly AMAZING!!!

Billy Highland Springs, VA
These guys are super-awesome, I saw them play at the Alameda County Fair and my family and I had a great time!
Tracy Modesto, CA
Great show, as always. We have been to all but 1 or 2 of your shows and there is always something new and exciting to see. We brought a friend with us whose husband is a friend of John and she was amazed. You guys put so much energy into what you do. Last night the light show was awesome and Don what a great performance with the drums. Majestic ROCKS!!! We love you guys.
Mickey Redwood City, CA
What a Night it was! My brothers and I had such a great time at your show on Saturday. We had such a great time that, I have completely lost my voice. Thank you for the wonderful show. It was fantastic!
Anne Redwood City, CA
The entire band infused the Little Fox with a wonderful wholesome energy and charismatically worked the crowd. At one point, I spotted Greg Rollie in the crowd and of course a magical moment ensued when he took the stage for one song. I think he was a little taken aback that the John sounds so much like Steve Perry. I think he was almost confounded! Jerrol that was a wonderful guitar version of Amazing Grace! Top notch musicians, showmen and you give people the opportunity to become Journey fans all over again.
Lee Redwood City, CA
The first time I heard you was at the Lafayette Art & Wine Festival and you are truly fantastic. You make my soul feel so good with the wonderful music you play together. Also listened faithfully to you play in studio on the Greg Kihn show to go on to win the Last Band Standing contest for tribute bands, but I knew you would take it hands down. YOU are ALL that great and together you are absolutely marvelous. And please make a CD soon; I would love to have your music in my car.
Annette San Jose, CA
Heard you guys on KFOX Radio. The vocals, guitars, piano drums etc have really captured the Journey sound plus a little extras of your own. Once again you played outstanding! I am sure you have heard this countless times, but I felt like letting you know how great you sounded in my car.
Mary Belmont, CA
If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably seen Majestic in concert and are as amazed by this band as I am. If you haven’t I assure you that you’ll be in for a treat. Every prior performance that I’ve seen from these guys has been without a doubt utterly phenomenal; the show at the Fat Cat in Modesto on June 8th, 2006 was no exception. The stage was huge, the sound and lighting were killer as usual, and most importantly, the band rocked the house as usual with their professional, detailed and powerful performance. I assure you all that these boys are no amateurs and will bring ya’ back to Journey’s glory days. I figure most of the house in Modesto had never seen Majestic before, but by the 3rd/4th song or so, everybody AND I MEAN EVERYBODY was dancin’ and piled up to the stage coupling it’s energy with the band’s… See ya’ll at Slims!
Rick Modesto, CA
I’m still reeling from last Saturdays show in Livermore. I really was not prepared for that level of performance. Truly amazing! Neal has been kept, no doubt.
Jim Livermore, CA
I saw you guys at the Little Fox Theatre, and at the Livermore Wine Festival. You guys kick ass! I closed my eyes and could swear I was at a Journey concert. Keep up the amazing work.
Steve Livermore, CA
Saw you guys a few weeks back in Redwood City at The Little Fox and was hooked.
Darryl Livermore, CA
Hey guys, saw you perform at the Livermore Wine Festival, and was blown away. Close your eyes, and it’s Journey up there on stage. My favorite part was Don “The Rocket” Stephenson on drums. Amazing. Keep on rockin’ Majestic! Can’t wait for your next show!
Evan Livermore, CA
Hey guys! First time I ever saw you was at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City and was totally blow away! Yesterday, I saw the concert in Livermore… you guys absolutely ROCK hard!
Denise Livermore, CA
You guys rocked Saturday night! You sound so close to Journey, it’s scary! The funny thing is, I woke up Sunday morning and bought my Journey tickets for the August 26 Journey concert at Shoreline. Keep rockin’!
Jeff San Francisco, CA
Man, what huevos to be a Journey Tribute in the Bay Area. I have listened to all the sound bytes of the Journey Tribute bands on Tribute City, and seen 3 of them in addition to Majestic from the S.F. Bay Area. Nothing could have prepared us for what we saw. Not a look-a-like tribute, which was refreshing. But man, oh man do they carry on the spirit of Journey. There live show is better than any Journey concert we have seen in the past 10 years. There was an energy from the stage that emanated through the audience, and it started with the lead vocalist coming out in an A.S.U. Sun Devils T-shirt, and pom pom for the opening “Separate Ways”. It did not stop till long after the band was breaking down, and socializing with the audience. This was a Tribute for Pat Tillman/Arizona State Alumni’s, and the band members were very friendly, and fun to hang with. The Lead Vocalist totally captures Journey, and by far is the best of the Tributes vocalists I have heard, and this was live! John is not an imitator, his natural soulfulness shines while performing this music and is if not better, at least as good as the original lineup vocalists from way-back at the beginning of the Journey. He, and the Bassist(Myron) put on a show for all, and included all in the music. Myron dances while playing, and together they are truly a show. Jerrol nails Neal Schon. Amazing in itself. The keyboards(Greg) were absolutely beautiful, touching, and on time. And the drummer, Don, was incredible. Awesome SOLO! This is a Tribute Band a notch above most others. And thank you for the freshness you bring to any stage you grace. I also saw you at the Fox Theater two weeks ago, and did not want to miss the opportunity to see you all again.
Loy San Francisco, CA
Incredible show last night at the Little Fox. We had the best time. Our friends that came with us brought their own car because they had to be back in Dublin to pick up their kids at midnight from the baby sitter. They were so into the show and having such a great time that they called their sitter at 11:00 and begged them to watch their kids until the show was over.
Ron Redwood City, CA
WOW! You guys are absolutely awesome! I’ve been to every one of your concerts so far, and I look forward to each new announcement as to when and where Majestic will be performing next! Your shows are the best. Can’t wait to see you guys in Santa Cruz in March.
LaVerne San Francisco, CA
We saw you at the Little Fox and I can honestly say, you guys are the best tribute band I’ve EVER seen!
Cindy Redwood City, CA
Awesome presentation, great sound. You guys ARE Journey. Guitar player rocks, just like Neil Schon.
Mike Redwood City, CA
I just want to really encourage you guys! You are an incredible band with amazing talent. I saw you perform for the first time this year at the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton. I could not have asked for a better birthday. I was in tears and had the biggest smile on my face. I love your band and the music of Journey (my favorite) – very close to my heart. You guys sound just like them! I am a huge fan and hope you keep going and spreading the greatness of Journey’s songs! Just, wow! Thank you for all the hard work that put into it! I hope to see more of your performances. You guys are a true and deep inspiration to me. Thank you!
Kalyssa Pleasanton, CA