Don Stephenson




Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Don Stephenson began his musical journey at the age of thirteen. A U.S. Army brat living in Germany with his family at a time when the British rock bands seemed to be exploding onto the music scene everywhere, Don found the high-energy rock irresistible and infectious. Don eventually moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, and settled in the East Bay (Dublin/Livermore area).  While living and performing in the East Bay, he honed his drumming and showmanship skills.  Don was a member of numerous original rock acts, such as Ore (Contra Costa County area), Skinny (Dublin area), Violation, and then Excalibur (both from the Livermore area). When he was a member in the group, Skinny, the group’s lead vocalist tagged Don with the stage name, “The Rocket,” because of his thundering drum style, and high-energy performance… to hear him play is not enough… you also have to see this man rock! Don has performed extensively throughout Northern and Southern California. Whenever he performs, one of his primary goals is to do his part to ensure that when the audience leaves at the end of the show, they are energized, feeling satisfied, and smiling all the way home.