Medical Coverage & Travel Insurance

The all-inclusive plan at Majestic Resorts does not include medical coverage or travel insurance for its guests, including any case in which a guest tests positive for COVID-19. Majestic Resorts does have an onsite medical facility at each resort open 24-hours for our guests' convenience. Rates may vary depending on the destination.

Due to the ever-changing environment since the onset of the pandemic, Majestic Resorts recommends that its guests avoid incurring fees or penalties due to last-minute changes in travel plans by purchasing international medical coverage and travel insurance through a trusted external provider.

Please note that medical coverage in your home country may not include international medical coverage. This should be confirmed with your health insurance provider before your vacation.

In that event that guests do not elect to acquire international medical coverage and / or travel insurance prior to their stay at our resorts in either the Dominican Republic or Mexico, Majestic Resorts is unable to compensate or refund any fees or penalties incurred due to itinerary changes, emergencies, illness, injury, or other unforeseen events.